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Samthought he could glimpse black figures running to and fro upon the longshingle-banks that lay under the eastern shore. They seemed very near.`Yrch!’ said Legolas, falling into his own tongue.`Orcs! ‘ cried Gimli.`Gollum’s doing, I’ll be bound.’ said catherine bell fakes to Frodo. `And a nice place to choose,too. The River seems set on taking us right into their arms! ‘They all leaned forward straining at the paddles: even catherine bell fakes catherine bell fakes a hand. Everymoment they expected to feel the bite of black-feathered arrows. Many whinedoverhead or struck the water nearby; but there were no more hits. It was dark,but not too dark for the night-eyes of catherine bell fakes, and in the star-glimmer they musthave offered their cunning foes some mark, unless it was that the grey cloaks OfL√£rien and the grey timber of the elf-wrought boats defeated the malice of thearchers of Mordor.Stroke by stroke they laboured on. In the darkness it was hard to be sure thatthey were indeed moving at all; but slowly the swirl of the water grew less, andthe shadow of the eastern bank faded back into the night. At last, as far asthey could judge, they had reached the middle of the stream again and had driventheir boats back some distance above the jutting rocks. Then half turning theythrust them with all their strength towards the western shore. Under the shadowOf bushes leaning out over the water they halted and drew breath.Legolas laid down his paddle and catherine bell fakes up the bow that he had brought fromL√£rien. Then he sprang ashore and climbed a few paces up the bank. Stringing thebow and fitting an arrow he turned, peering back over the River into thedarkness. Across the water there were shrill cries, but nothing could be seen.Frodo looked up at the Elf standing tall above him, as he gazed into the night,seeking a mark to shoot at. His head was dark, crowned with sharp white starsthat glittered in the black pools of the sky behind. But now rising and sailingup from the South the great clouds advanced, sending out dark outriders into thestarry fields. A sudden dread fell on the Company.`Elbereth Gilthoniel!’ sighed Legolas as he looked up. Even as he did so, a darkshape, like a cloud and yet not a cloud, for it moved far more swiftly, came outof the blackness in the South, and sped towards the Company, blotting out alllight as it approached. Soon it appeared as a great winged creature, blackerthan the pits in the night. Fierce voices rose up to gree.

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